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Learning Korean

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Learning Korean

I believe that every foreigner who comes to teach in Korea should at the very minimum know how to read Korean characters and know some "survival Korean". This would make life a lot easier for you as you would be able to read street signs and know where buses are going to.

There are several routes that you may go to learn more Korean. Sogang University and Ewha Women's University offer private programs. A free, online Korean language site is available at:

The second way is via a language exchange. This can be an inexpensive way to learn Korean, and also make a few Korean friends as you get accustomed to a new country. Here are a few sites that offer free forums where people can do language exchanges:

If going to class is more your thing, this site offers links to many different universities around South Korea offering Korean language programs:

Tuition on average is about $1500 per semester.

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